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Autism Treatment in Killeen, TX

An autism diagnosis can be devastating to any family. While there is no known cure for the condition, professional treatment may help lessen the disruptive symptoms of autism and encourage greater independence. At Connell & Associates in Killeen, TX, we offer a range of treatment options and support for individuals and families affected by autism.

Here to Help

Just as every individual with autism is unique, so should your child’s treatment plan be individually tailored to his or her strengths and challenges as well as your family’s immediate and future goals. At Connell & Associates, we understand that the discovery that your child has autism can be overwhelming. That’s why we handle each of our highly unique patients and their families with care, compassion, and respect. We do everything possible to make the treatment process a positive, stress-free experience.

If your son or daughter has been diagnosed with autism, we’re here to help. Call the professionals at Connell & Associates in Killeen, TX to schedule your consultation.